Search Engine that finds sense in a heap of Web pages

Latest news and media coverage of SenseBot:

June 2012:

• "Keyword Research: How to Expand Your Initial Keyword List (Part 2)" at Red Bricks Media.

March 2012:

• "10 Best Semantic Search Engines To Get The More Accurate Results" at SkyTech Geek.

• "Of Google and scholarly search" on The Hindu.

April 2011:

• "Top 10 Best Semantic Search Engines To Get More Accurate Results" at SaveDelete.

March 2011:

• "Web 3.0, The Inevitable Upgrade: SenseBot" at TheThirdGen.

February 2011:

• "Text Analytics in the Cloud" at The Net-Savvy Executive.

October 2010:

• "Crawling Opinions: From WikiLeaks To Your Business" at Semantic Web.

August 2010:

• "Opinion Crawl Tracks and Semantically Analyzes Sentiment on Twitter and News" at Search Engine Journal.

June 2010:

• Our presentations on Semantic Search and Sentiment Analysis at SemTech 2010.

May 2010:

• "Semantic search engines on the wild: Sensebot" on Prymas.

• "A Semantic-based Essay as the Result for a Web Search" on Semantic Universe.

• "Opinion Crawl - Web sentiment analysis" on The Next Web.

April 2010:

• "3 Ways to Generate a Tag Cloud off Google SERPs" in Search Engine Journal.

January 2010:

• "Web 3.0: The Dawn of Semantic Search" in IEEE Computer magazine by James Hendler.

November 2009:

• "7 Semantic Search Engines" in Business Blog 360.

• "Broadening Search" in American Bar Association Journal.

August 2009:

• "The Semantic Web and Libraries in the United States: Experimentation and Achievements" in IFLA 2009.

• "Intelligent Applications Based on Search" in AltSearchEngines.

June 2009:

• "Search: The Last Frontier" in the June issue of Information Today magazine.

May 2009:

• "The new breed of search engines" at Relative Musings.

April 2009:

• "9 Semantic Search Engines That Will Change the World of Search" at Search Engine Journal.

• Our presentation "Goals and Applications of Semantic Approach to Search" at Boston Search Engine Meeting.

February 2009:

• "LinkSensor Does Your Page Semantic Analysis", in Search Engine Journal.

• "SenseBot, new semantic search engine", in Social Semantic NewsBlog (in Italian).

• "Top 5 Semantic Search Engines", in Pandia Search Engine News.

• "Introducing LinkSensor - Semantic Tool for Bloggers", in AltSearchEngines.

• "Semantic Engines Dmitri Soubbotin Exclusive Interview" at Beyond Search.

January 2009:

• "Search and Research" at Zigmas' Weblog.

October 2008:

• Presentation at the Web 3.0 Conference in Santa Clara, CA.

August 2008:

• "Automated summaries of search results", in struct3: Next New Web.

• "Innovations in web information retrieval", in The Hindu.

July 2008:

• "Results In Sentences" on Internet News blog.

• " - Semantic Search Engine" on KillerStartups.

• "Do We Need Alternative Search Results?" at MediaPost.

• Our article "Alternative Search Results" published on

June 2008:

• "Smart Search Engines Find Best Facts", in Information Today magazine by Mick O'Leary.

May 2008:

• "Search Results Summarizer" mashup published on Programmable Web.

• "Firefox addon summarizes Google search results" by Pandia.

• Internet Marketing blog GetUpdated.

• "SenseBot Releases Firefox Plugin for Google Result Summaries" in Search Engine Journal.

March 2008:

• "12 Search Engines Which Can Replace" in Search Engine Journal.

• SCIP Online, New and Notable.

February 2008:

• Pandia Weekend Wrap-up Feb 23 (on metasearch engines).

• "Text mining search engine SenseBot adds multimedia search" in AltSearchEngines.

January 2008:

• "SenseBot Goes Vertical" in AltSearchEngines.

December 2007:

• Read our interview "Summarization as the Answer to Web Search" in Search Engine Journal.

November 2007:

• Read about SenseBot (in German) in Dr. Web Newsletter.

• Read about SenseBot (in French) in inFLUX.

October 2007:

• SenseBot is noted in Pandia Post issue No. 35.

July 2007:

• Read about SenseBot in Guardian Unlimited.

• July 16th: SenseBot has added support for Microsoft Live Search.

• Read about SenseBot in Fusing the Cube.

• Read about SenseBot in Search Engine Journal.

June 2007:

• Read about SenseBot in Unofficial SEO Blog.

• Read about SenseBot in Pandia Search Engine News.

• Read "The Great Debate" between and SenseBot at AltSearchEngines.

• June 26th: SenseBot is presented at the New York Web 2.0 Social Networking Tech Meetup.

• June 22nd: SenseBot is named the Mashup of the Day at ProgrammableWeb.